Secret World Legends: a rant

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I’ve been playing the release version Secret World Legends, the reboot of The Secret World, for two weeks now. I come to the game as an old-time player of TSW (from open beta, so close to five years), a Grand Master since late 2015, and a beta player for SWL.

And let me tell you, the more I play SWL, the more I think everything good in it comes from TSW, and all the baffling choices come from the … (Read more)

Review: Resonance

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Disclaimer: I got a copy of the game as a backer of the production Kickstarter, and my name appears in the credits. This review contains spoilers.


Well, I finally finished Resonance. Yes, it took a long time.


A bit of history:

Resonance is one of the earliest projects I backed on Kickstarter, if not the first. I didn’t know Vince Twelve, but he had very good references, and the trailer looked good, and he asked for very … (Read more)

Life Flashes By

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Weeks later from when I actually promised I would, here I am writing a review of Life Flashes By, Deirdra Kiai’s latest and possibly most ambitious game to date.

I played it through as soon as it was released and I admit that, even though I liked it, I didn’t feel completely blown out. Since it is a very particular kind of game, I waited until I could play it a second time and see whether the problem was … (Read more)

It’s a game, after all

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Leggevo sul blog del Drago Grigio che qualcuno, apparentemente in un delirio di onnipotenza conseguente dall’aver lavorato con successo nel campo, ha scritto le regole per progettare con successo un mondo online.
Chi ha scritto queste regole direi che ha esemplificato in maniera esemplare il perché sinora nessun gioco online mi abbia mai veramente attratto (Uru a parte, ma infatti al giocatore online medio non è piaciuto).… (Read more)

Avventura del mese

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Su IF Italia è partita l’iniziativa Avventura del Mese. Trattasi principalmente di un invito a giocare una specifica avventura ogni mese allo scopo di recensirla, trovarne pregi e difetti, distruggerla pezzo pezzo se necessario: in una parola, giocarla sul serio (okay, sono tre).

L’avventura di questo mese è Pecos Town di tommaso Caldarola. Rob Grassi ha già cominciato a smontarla sul newsgroup: riusciranno i nostri eroi trovare un compromesso tra orgoglio dell’autore e detestabilità del recensore incallito?… (Read more)