Hiding behind a nickname

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((Hello people. Yup, not dead, just been away from blogging for a good while. If you want to catch up, I’m currently quite active on The Secret World or writing book ramblings on Goodreads.))

Anyway, reading this year’s themes for the high school graduation exams, I was once again annoyed by the reappearance of the old platitude of “people online hide behind a nickname”. Uhm, sure, some people do, just like some people hide behind a nickname in real life, … (Read more)

(Social) networking failure

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I’m sick and tired of hearing “you can’t really know someone via the internet, you need to meet them in real life”, there are so many things wrong with that that I don’t even know where to start with.

First of all, no matter what Facebook calls them, social networks are not there to make friends. Sharing cat videos on social networks is not a ‘virtual friendship’, not because of the ‘virtual’ part but because it’s not a friendship; if … (Read more)

Why I’m not switching to ebooks just yet…

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I love the concept of ebooks, just like I loved the idea of digital music since the birth of the mp3. While it would take something major for me to even think about parting from my paper books, there is something endearing in the thought of a portable format, something you can backup, and that allows you to read hundreds of books on a device the size of a paperback.

However. Let me tell you a little story.

I have … (Read more)

I reject your fantasy and substitute my own

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A few months ago someone suggested to me to read Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker, as it was available online for free on his website. The novel was pretty good, nothing to remember in the centuries to come but a nice high-fantasy based about a peculiar magic system and that reads very easily. I liked it enough that I decided to dish out some money to buy his next book, The way of kings, which is now sitting on my … (Read more)

You should believe in your frakking song

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So, since I don’t watch Glee and I rarely listen to the radio, I found out only the other day that Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck you!” has a pg-13 version under the more subdued title of “Forget you”; they call it a ‘radio edit’ but, where a radio edit is usually edited for length, this one is just edited for language.
I’m not one who usually thinks it’s particularly interesting or challenging to put a ‘fuck’ right there in the … (Read more)

Che palle i blog!

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Un post che inizia così sul blog di una persona che (perdonatemi la ridondanza) ha un blog potrebbe sembrare alquanto strano. Invece ricade in quella categoria di post che viene indicata come rigurgito insensato scritto da chi non ha compreso niente del mezzo, della blogosfera, degli aggregator, del web semantico, del sarcazzo di sarcazzonia e chi più ne ha più ne metta (altri, più semplicemente, parlerebbero di invidia perché il blog ha pochi hit).

Il punto del post (post! che … (Read more)

It’s a game, after all

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Leggevo sul blog del Drago Grigio che qualcuno, apparentemente in un delirio di onnipotenza conseguente dall’aver lavorato con successo nel campo, ha scritto le regole per progettare con successo un mondo online.
Chi ha scritto queste regole direi che ha esemplificato in maniera esemplare il perché sinora nessun gioco online mi abbia mai veramente attratto (Uru a parte, ma infatti al giocatore online medio non è piaciuto).… (Read more)