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I haven’t been much down to D’ni lately, mostly touch and go visits, though I tried to take a few hours off my schedule to visit the pods. I didn’t get to see much wildlife (apart from Dereno) but it seems to me there are a lots more sounds and activity than in the last few months. Or maybe it’s just my memory playing tricks on me.

I also dug up my very very old KI, the one I was … (Read more)

Looking at D’ni with new eyes

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I was so busy exploring the old grounds that I forgot to post my new KI number here. It’s 374362, add me if you want and send me a line.

Indeed, soon after getting my KI and a couple Nexus links in the City, I visited a few of my favourites stamping grounds: Tetsonot, Kirel, Minkata. I spent the whole first day finding my way back to the Kivas and feeling the warm winds under the starry sky.

The next … (Read more)


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There’s an interesting post at the DRC forums about what could an informal D’ni script look like.
It is indeed curious that most of the things we saw written were in such a formal, tidy script, even in such places as Riven where calligraphy was surely not the first of priorities. On the other note, D’ni numbers (which derive straight from the letters, or vice versa) has something of the runic script, with the boxes, the simple curve of … (Read more)

Stained glasses

Since the DRC didn’t believe it was necessary to put up a gallery of all the restored pieces, I figured it would be good to show here the works I restored.

I believe them all to be by the same author or, at least, from the same school. This person or school, whose name I haven’t been able to identify, was evidently experimenting with the use of different materials for their stained glasses; the ‘glass’ in their artworks is in … (Read more)

Subterranean restoration: trust issues

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Subterranean Restoration is beginning to worry me. We weren’t really off with a good start, with the whole ‘enterprise’ setup and the veiled threats to the DRC, but what really gets on my nerves is the apparent contempt for the explorers.

Cormac openly said that explorers are allowed to visit ‘their’ dig sites but ‘at their own risk’, as if they had some kind of authority in the Cavern; then they hired the GoI, or at least part of them, … (Read more)

We did it!

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Cavern choir concert

The concert was great! At least from my side of the stage…
I think between the first show and the encore we had a total of 130 listeners, which is way more than I personally expected, and the songs sounded really awesome down in the community room. I’d like to hear some feedback from the crowd, though.

For the next concert we were thinking that we might try somewhere nice in the open, maybe Tsogahl or Delin. They might not … (Read more)

To Cate Alexander…

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First of all, try and get a professional web designer for the DRC site. Right now it just looks cheap.

Second, please reconsider the removal of all the information that was previously available on the DRC website and has now obviously disappeared. Let’s take a few examples:

  • Pages and documentations: the document about the Lost book of Birenni; the information on the fact that the stained glass artwork on the linking room is not of D’ni origin; the information pages
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