Stained glasses

Since the DRC didn’t believe it was necessary to put up a gallery of all the restored pieces, I figured it would be good to show here the works I restored.

I believe them all to be by the same author or, at least, from the same school. This person or school, whose name I haven’t been able to identify, was evidently experimenting with the use of different materials for their stained glasses; the ‘glass’ in their artworks is in fact, as far as I’ve been able to ascertain, artificially made igneous rock molted directly into the frame.

Dating is hard, since we do not know when Tsogahl and Delin were made; it could be back in the garden binge of the 8100s, or they might have been written specifically for the new Nexus ‘hoods. Another lower bound on the dating would be the year when the Great Zero was designed in its current configuration, with the crystals and the ‘wheels’. The glasses showed signs of wear, but it’s difficult to ascertain whether it was due to the Fall or abandon.

Great zero

Probably the earlier of the three pieces, a sort of test for the rock injection process.

Great Zero glass

Eder Tsogahl

A more elaborate piece. The ‘glass’ has the consistency and feel of stone, if an extremely lightweight one.

Eder Tsogahl glass

Eder Delin

The latest of the pieces. The stone here has a marble-like feeling and could almost pass for glass.

Eder Delin glass

I’m looking for more information on these pieces. Maybe SR’s famous museum has something similar; I’ll have to ask Ava Cormac, and hope that Kingsley doesn’t have a fit again

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