Looking at D’ni with new eyes

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I was so busy exploring the old grounds that I forgot to post my new KI number here. It’s 374362, add me if you want and send me a line.

Indeed, soon after getting my KI and a couple Nexus links in the City, I visited a few of my favourites stamping grounds: Tetsonot, Kirel, Minkata. I spent the whole first day finding my way back to the Kivas and feeling the warm winds under the starry sky.

The next day I decided to get back to the Cleft. I rushed through the puzzle, spending more time watching these wonders I still associate more with games and books than with reality. The volcano, Atrus’ room and his stones collection, Anna’s carvings on the walls, the precious pool of water by the tree… and the Riven remnants of course, that eerie proof that there are, indeed, other universes than our own.

After that, I rushed through Kadish and Gahreesen, then spent a bit more time in Teledahn and the Garden Ages. The sunrise in Eder Gira, in particular, still brings tear to my eyes, no matter how many times I see it. Who would have thought, ten years ago, that I could love so dearly a place of red packed earth and bones?

I had almost completed the first Journey run when a surface friend told me he wanted to visit D’ni. I left the totems in my Relto (I hope the Bahro can forgive me for a day or two) and met him in his Bevin, after telling him how to get his KI.
The City was packed, so we visited Kemo and Gira (where he informed me that, in his botanical eyes, the green plants by the waterfall is a kind of arrowroot). Unfortunately he tripped into a chasm (he does that a lot) and panic linked to Relto, so we decided to call it a night.

I made a last run to get a new Er’cana book, and couldn’t manage to link away immediately, so I retraced my steps back to the train before finally admitting defeat and dragging myself to sleep.

What is it with me and rocky deserts, seriously?

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