To Cate Alexander…

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First of all, try and get a professional web designer for the DRC site. Right now it just looks cheap.

Second, please reconsider the removal of all the information that was previously available on the DRC website and has now obviously disappeared. Let’s take a few examples:

  • Pages and documentations: the document about the Lost book of Birenni; the information on the fact that the stained glass artwork on the linking room is not of D’ni origin; the information pages on Ages and locations; and so on. As the main force behind the restoration, it is quite absurd that explorer websites (maybe of which treat D’ni as just a game) contain more informations about D’ni and the Ages than you can offer; by the way, the simple fact that other websites have mirrored that information makes its removal from the main source even more absurd.
  • The forums: the closing of the forums will make a lot of people unhappy; removing them altogether without notice, making all the conversations contained in them unavailable for consultation or just giving people time to backup their favourite threads is just plain rude and offensive. Not to mention it removes one clean and quick way to communicate with the DRC and other explorers.
  • The DRC itself. Call it the Cate Alexander website, because there’s not really much about the DRC in it: no history, no bios, barely one picture, not even a small mention of the former head of the council.

If you want to make people go to the Cavern and give you money, you’d better at least try to give them a good reason to do so; removing what they previously had is hardly an incentive and, let me tell you, will diminish your already considerably small fan base.

I hope you’re having a great day; your last chat log certainly ruined mine.

  1. Kestr'l

    Wow, I’ve been away for a little over a week and things change so much! I too checked out the new site and discovered that it was lacking… a lot. I hope that they bring things back. Fortunately, people like John Lynch have archived the site, so the information is not truly lost. This goes back to a precept I have focused on since before the Great Link: Everything Uru-related needs to be archived somehow. The loss of the forums is even stranger considering that there is still a button for them on the website. Perhaps a Great Tree-style sit-in would change Cate’s mind, and have them re-instituted…?