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At least, that’s the family of plants Dnì* tells me the vegetation in Er’cana is a part of. Since my botanical knowledge doesn’t really extend much beyond the things in my garden, I just smile and nod.

The machines had reverted themselves to their ‘off’ state, as they seem prone to do after prolonged times of inactivity (I didn’t bake pellets for months) so we had to do the whole exploration thing all over again.

After a brief exploration of … (Read more)

Looking at D’ni with new eyes

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I was so busy exploring the old grounds that I forgot to post my new KI number here. It’s 374362, add me if you want and send me a line.

Indeed, soon after getting my KI and a couple Nexus links in the City, I visited a few of my favourites stamping grounds: Tetsonot, Kirel, Minkata. I spent the whole first day finding my way back to the Kivas and feeling the warm winds under the starry sky.

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