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At least, that’s the family of plants Dnì* tells me the vegetation in Er’cana is a part of. Since my botanical knowledge doesn’t really extend much beyond the things in my garden, I just smile and nod.

The machines had reverted themselves to their ‘off’ state, as they seem prone to do after prolonged times of inactivity (I didn’t bake pellets for months) so we had to do the whole exploration thing all over again.

After a brief exploration of the chasm by the broken tracks (yes, Dnì tried to jump over the narrow spot; yes, he fell in) I gave him a brief history of the Age and rapidly explained to him how the Journey clothes worked, then we hopped onto the harvester and went into the processing complex. I tried to get Dnì to solve some of the ‘puzzles’, but his attitude to most of the closed doors was “let’s blow them up”, so I decided it would be just best if I handled things from that point on.

We managed to get access to the pellet room, but we were both pretty tired by the end of it, and none of us really wanted to get back to the control room and turn the ovens on. I should actually check the forums for algae-feeding recipes, too.

* He’s actually called Denis, pronounced just like D’ni, which made him somewhat cross since he couldn’t use any variant of “dni” into his KI name. But at least I get to say there’s a Dnì in D’ni.