Review: The Seventh Bride, by T. Kingfisher

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The Seventh BrideThe Seventh Bride by T. Kingfisher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“When your future husband is a mad sorcerer, following hedgehogs sometimes seems like the only option.”

Initially born as a retelling of Bluebeard, this story stands on its own and becomes something else entirely. For one, most of the wives are still alive in this version, and for some of them that’s definitely not an improvement.

Kingfisher/Vernon has a rare skill, in that she can imbue a book … (Read more)

Birdman and the Hugos

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Since the snow had finally decided to give us a cease fire, and since all my American friends had been raving about it, yesterday we decided to go see what Birdman was all about.

Birdman really is a fantastic movie, both for the story, the acting, and the direction. Every single choice points to its focus on duality, real and imagined, stage and backstage. It’s made to look like it was shot all in one take, and there are very … (Read more)

Kenro Izu – Territori dello spirito

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Siamo andati ieri a vedere le mostre in esposizione Foro Boario di Modena. Nonostante l’altissima qualità di Mimmo Jodice, sono le foto di Kenro Izu che ci hanno particolarmente colpito per la loro potenza.

Luoghi sacri da tutto il mondo, isolati e privi di persone, ritratti con grandi grigi come le foto vittoriane a cui Izu si ispira. Spettacolare.

 … (Read more)