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Yet another late post…
So. Where to begin?

Delin. Very pretty – so similar to Kemo in some details and yet so very different. I love Delin; it relaxes me, and it has a nice twilight, autumnal feeling. And that’s why I’m majorly bugged by the presence of that journey door: how can someone relax peacefully with a herd of people noisily trying to open that thing? Some say that the DRC opened the Age before Yeesha was ready with her thing; well, she could have at least had the decency to hide her new journey puzzle until it worked decently. If it is her who did it, which is not that obvious.

Erik’s post seems to link the new spiral cloths with the spiral island in our Relto; the connection is not that clear, since opening the door didn’t give us a sparklie like the Gahreesen one, but just a half donut and not even a “well done” speech. I hope Yeesha gives us something to work on because, as much as I like decorating my Relto, I’d like to know why precisely I’m doing it.

On another note, one thing that confuses me is how people want more restrictions and less restrictions at the same time. Ae’gura is opened, and some complain that the ceiling might fall on our heads because of some rocks he saw at the ferry terminal. The Great Zero was opened and some complain about having to jump from the bridge to get a marker, even if they’re blatantly disregarding barricades to do so, and they know perfectly well that there’s going to be a rope bridge there (and that getting that marker is useless right now). On the other side, try and moderate people a little more than they’re used to (aka nothing) and they’ll rip your arm off. Colour me confused.

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  1. Ian

    Actually I’m on Uru Blogs since the beginning; I don’t know why you couldn’t see me before.

    As for the bridge, it’s not me. Someone’s complaining that the DRC is pushing people to do the bridge jump, putting their lives at risk… evidently all those barricades mean nothing to them.

  2. Kestr'l

    Good to see you linked into Urublogs finally! (less hunting for me! 🙂 ) Welcome aboard.

    As for the great zero marker under the bridge, what was so bad about that? It takes a few times, but it’s perfectly safe, as long as you have your Relto book.

    now that I’ve collected all the markers, I guess I’ll just sing a paraphrase of a green day song: “Wake me up… when Eder Tsogahl’s in” 🙂