Book review – Thomas Riley

Oh Ahnonay, how much I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.
Well, not many actually, but it’s extremely annoying when you find you missed one cloth and have to go through the whole thing again. Aargh.

On other news, I was in Negilahn waiting for the portal to appear and decided to pass the time by writing a short review of a steampunk YA book I read recently. So here you go:

“Thomas Riley”, by Nick Valentino

Plot recap: … (Read more)

Spinning around

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(spoilers for Ahnonay follow)

Dnì has now given up trying to find a variation of his name that the Nexus won’t block out, and is now going by the alias of Lancaster Drew.

We spent last night working through his Ahnonay; since it was his first time there I let him work out how the puzzle worked, nudging him here and there when he missed some important clue (I didn’t really want to spend a week there). In the end … (Read more)