Review: Forest of Memory

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Forest of MemoryForest of Memory by Mary Robinette Kowal
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story plays with the themes of memory, recollection, and authenticity. Did something really happen if no one was there to record it? Is an account true if filtered by our fallible memories? If someone tells a story, can we ever be sure they’re not lying?

Some people found an anti-technology message in this story. I really don’t. It just asks some important questions about a technological society: how much are we willing to trust our memories, our records to technology? what happens when the connection suddenly drops and we’re isolated? do we still need to exercise our memory in an age of vines and snapchats?

Only 4 stars because, while a very good story, it feels quite short at the end, like the prologue for something more (and maybe it is – I didn’t immediately notice the small connections that tie this story to one of MRK’s universes! So it’s entirely possible the deer network will resurface again). Still, an excellent read and food for thought.

(disclaimer: I was a beta reader for a draft version of this story)

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