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Rapture (Bel Dame Apocrypha, #3)Rapture by Kameron Hurley

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I wrote a lengthy review but Goodreads ate it, so to sum up…

Rapture is more of the same as in the previous books, but in a wider scope. We get tantalizing looks at Umayma’s forgotten past, new nations, new enemies and dangers. It seems a bit odd to introduce so many elements so late in the game, especially since we only get a couple encounters with them before closure, but then there are many more stories to be told on Umayma even after Nyx’s story has come to an end.
My dislikes though are the same as before: there’s almost no fun any more in watching Nyx and her team of screw-ups get through failure after failure by the skin of their teeth only to meet the sudden and inevitable betrayal. True, she’s a survivor, but there’s only so much beating a character can take before it stretches credibility.

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