Still alive

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Far from triumph and huge successes, though. Surface life has kept me extremely busy, and I barely managed to visit Payiferen in time to get my last pod portal.

I came back yesterday with a feeling of “did I leave the gas on?” and found that, in fact, I had forgotten to turn the main power off. I expected the battery to be depleted but the pod windows were clear and there was still enough power to turn the lights on, as well as sounds. Either the windows do not consume as much power as I remembered or this pod is getting some extra juice from its solar panels.

It was night outside, and the sky was glittering with minuscule lights as usual. Some say it’s the starlight passing through the sand storms, other that it’s the sand itself sparkling with silver in the air. I pondered about that for a moment, then just sighed and basked in the view for a while before heading reluctantly back home.