In the forest, thought becomes location, the breath of man in harmony with the beating of nature’s heart in a slow, silent dialogue.
One stops to listen, to rediscover the mystery; long seconds impressed on film, long minutes to bring them back to life.

A collective project by Stefano Anceschi, Gabriella Becchi, Ian Gazzotti, and Barbara Leoni.

The catalog of “Lenta conversazione” is preserved at the National Art Library in London, UK.


  • Engineering Department, University of Reggio Emilia; April 15 – October 30, 2011
  • Casa nel Parco, Correggio; February-March 2012
  • Palazzo Civico – Town Hall of Montechiarugolo; June-July 2012
  • Sarzano Castle (Casina, RE); May 2017