A playground is not just a container of tools and toys, but a veritable breeding ground of the mind: what an adult only sees as a slide, a net, or a swing, to a child can become a spaceship, the walls of a castle, or a pirate’s lair. Wood and metal are transformed by the rules of secret aesthetics, while reality and fantasy merge in a game of references and allusions. And perhaps, even for those who are no longer children, a slide may still be more than a simple slide…

The project was shot in four different play areas in the province of Reggio Emilia. In the pictures, each object is processed, stripped of its identity of toy, and set as a piece of a path that, in a spiral of concentric circles, starts from the abstract and only gradually reveals the reality behind the image.



  • Municipal Theatre, Dosolo (MN); December 2008
  • Cultural community centre, Cavriago (RE); February-April 2010