Ian Gazzotti
Ian Gazzotti was born in 1979 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where he lives and works.

His interest in photography develops during the late ’90s.

He shoots mainly in black and white film and prints his own pictures in an old-fashioned dark room.

He has been a member of REfoto, a local photography club, since 2001.


His works include:

  • “Into the trees”, 2014
  • “Lenta conversazione”, 2011
  • “Passaggi”, 2010
  • “Playground”, 2009
  • “Smoking Allowed”, 2008


The catalog of “Lenta conversazione” is preserved at the National Art Library in London, UK.

Some of his pictures are on permanent display at the S. Maria Nuova hospital in Reggio Emilia.